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Our Products & Services

Our Products & Services

We've been helping food and beverage companies for over 25 years make better tasting and better quality products


Training Courses

We’ve been training taste panels for close to 25 years. Our multi-lingual team has a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors and can help you achieve your goals. We offer both in-person and online training courses to best suit your needs, whether you’re just starting out or want to become an advanced taster.


AROXA™ Flavour Standards

Our certified flavour standards are used by global food and drink companies to develop the skills of their professional taste panels. Join us by training your taste panel to detect off-flavours, taints and positive flavour notes, and improve the quality and objectivity of your sensory tests.


SensCheck™ Sensory Software

Attention to detail really matters in tasting. Doing things in a consistent way is important, but doing the right thing is important too. Our SensCheck™ Sensory Management software allows you to train your tasters, assess their competence, and run all your routine sensory tasting online. Say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets and take a look at our multi-language, web-based solution which is used by hundreds of companies in the food and beverage industries all over the world.


Taster Validation Schemes

Everyone knows that taster competence is key to success of any tasting program. But how can tasting skills be measured? The answer is to use one of our AROXA™ Taster Validation Schemes. We have a variety of different options available, whether you’re large or small. We have a range of different testing schemes including Flavour Identification, Rank-Rating (Scaling) & In/Out tests. Our powerful performance monitoring software will help you identify where you need to target your training, letting you make the most of the resources available to you.


Consultancy & Troubleshooting

Over 25 years we’ve fixed hundreds of process problems, saving clients millions and helping them grow their sales. Every company has problems. Some are small, some large. The key to success is the ability to choose which problems to tackle first and to systematically diagnose their causes. With knowledge of the cause, a solution is never far away, and steps can then be put in place to prevent a re-occurrence.


Sensory Evaluation

Our highly-skilled professional taste panel will taste your products under “blind” conditions. Our internal taste panel are trained in close to 150 attributes. They are competent in a wide range of sectors including beer, malt, soft drinks, energy drinks, raw materials, personal care & more. We can provide you with a robust and comprehensive analysis of your product, whether it be for marketing purposes, troubleshooting or descriptive profiling of brands.

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