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want to become an expert in beer flavour? we've got the tools to help.


Precisely-dosed quantities of ultra-pure beer flavours. Positive flavours, like malt-, hop-, and yeast-derived characteristics. And a wide range of flavour defects and “funky” flavour notes. Add them beer to produce samples which can be used to train professional beer tasters. Safe to smell and taste, with more than 200 different flavours related to beer available. Production and testing of AROXATM Certified Beer Flavour Standards are carried out within Cara Technology’s Quality Management System (QMS), which has been certified according to DS | EN | ISO 9001:2008. Our manufacturing facilities conform to stringent Pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.


For the launch of our new website, we’re pleased to make available our ‘origins series’. Our origin series covers the 5 main key areas in beer production; hops, malt, yeast, water & CO2. We offer a range of different kits covering all 5 areas. Just click on the links below to purchase.

Other products & services:


We offer a variety of taster training courses. Join one of our public courses, or we’ll come to your place to deliver one just for you and your team. From as little as one day, up to two weeks, depending on the level of skill you’re looking to achieve. We’ll teach you to assess the quality of your product for release to the market, taste ingredients and in-process samples, describe the flavour of your product in quantitative terms, evaluate shelf-life and more. Each training day involves evaluation of around 50 samples, with your skills being tested and scored on each and every sample. We are also able to offer remote online training, with per-person training packs so that assessors can participate safely from home during Covid-19.


Subscribe to one of our Taster Validation Schemes to assess the performance of your brewery tasters. Using blind- coded flavours added to your beer, we’ll challenge your tasters’ skills in the areas of flavour identification and flavour intensity evaluation, providing a score for their current level of competence and giving you the information you need to make targeted improvements.

SensCheck® Sensory Management Software

Eliminate paper forms and spreadsheets and do all your brewery tasting using a web browser on computer, tablet or phone. Every result available at the click of a button. Keep track of your beer flavour, from grain to glass.

Professional Tasting Services

Our highly-skilled professional taste panel will taste your beer under “blind” conditions. We can provide a simple report assessing the quality of your beer and make recommendations for improvement, or a more detailed report in which we assess the intensity of each of 60 flavour characters. We have also done raw materials analysis, troubleshooting and descriptive profiling of brands.

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