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Alistair Littlewood

Technical Sales Representative

born on: 2022
lives in: London
email: alistair.littlewood@cara-online.com
education: BSc Chemistry, University of Nottingham

I grew up in a village called Tysoe, in rural South Warwickshire. A very idyllic but sheltered start to life.

I left UoN not knowing what I wanted to do other than be in the brewing industry, after for my 19th birthday my friend bought me a homebrew starter kit. I used my chemistry experience and love of beer to get a job in the lab at Burton-on-Trent working for Marston’s.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to last. Finding myself back in Tysoe again, I got myself licenced to manufacture and sell hand sanitiser, which was successful until the 2nd lockdown, as no one needed hand sanitiser when they aren’t going anywhere.

After accepting a job with Pinter, I then moved to Walthamstow, London. When I first started there wasn’t a lab, or even a space for a lab, so I got roped into production. Eventually, after 3 months I was given a small room to build a laboratory to run the quality programme for Pinter.


Qualifications and interests



BSc Chemistry, University of Nottingham.

Brewing Microbiology, Brewing Quality Analysis and Management ~ [modules of the UoN Brewing Science MSc course]


History, Gaming, Politics & Current Affairs, Home Brewing, Art.