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Bill Simpson

Managing Director

lives in: Chippenham, UK
email: bill.simpson@cara-online.com
education: PhD, Grad I Biol (1st class 1st class Honours)

I am the developer of the world’s first reference beer flavour standards system used to train more than 15,000 professional beer tasters globally since 1996 and now increasingly used to train professional sensory assessors in the areas of water, soft drinks, wine, spirits and various foods. These materials help ensure that sensory tests carried out in industry are as objective as possible.

Experienced brewing technology professional, microbiologist, sensory expert and founder of several beer industry support companies. As Managing Director of Cara Technology Limited and prior to that as Principal Scientist at the Brewing Research Foundation I have advised more than 500 medium to large breweries in 70 countries. I have authored or co-authored more than 110 scientific papers, book chapters and patent specifications.

Relying on theory and practice in equal measure I have a track record of delivering innovative results for our client companies. My personal goal, and that of the companies with which I’m involved, is to help brewers to produce great beers at great profit margins within inspiring workplaces.

I like to make things happen – working with internal and external resources to achieve results, regardless of whether or not the task at hand lies within what might be referred to as my ‘comfort zone’. From a technical perspective my specialities include: brewing technology, process-driven problem-solving, technical training, yeast and fermentation, brewery microbiology, beverage flavour chemistry, and sensory analysis.


Qualifications and interests


1st Class Honours in Microbiology, University of the West of Scotland
PHD Thesis entitled ‘Molecular Structure and Antibacterial Function of Hop Resin Materials’, University of Greenwich.


1991 – Cambridge Prize, awarded by the Institute of Brewing for contributions to brewing research; 1995 – Elected a Fellow of the Institute of Brewing.


Golf and F1.